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[1/2] Investment Strategy Analysis Service

Sections: [Investment Strategy Analysis Service] | Money Science Submission Form

What’s your investment strategy?

[1/5] Introduction:

Submit your investment or trade strategy for analysis by completing the form. A list of acceptable strategies and work examples are below for your perusal. Read the analysis process and submission instructions for further details.

[2/5] Acceptable Strategies:
[3/5] Work Inspiration:

Investment Strategy Examples
Multi-Asset Portfolio Allocation: Portfolio Allocation
Global Macroeconomic Model: Macroeconomic Nowcasting
Foreign Exchange Trading Strategy: LPPL Currency
Stoxx 600 News Aggregator: Stoxx Equities
Crypto Currency Research and Currency Trading Class: CCR CTC

Alternative Data for Investment
Country-Level | Bike Data: Surveillance, Insight, Research 1, Research 2.
Equity-Level | Sitemap Data: Ford Sitemap, Tesla Sitemap.

Strategy Under Analysis
Making Money Childs Play: Equities Trading & Options Strategy

Strategy In Development
iXBRL Investor: Equity Investing

[4/5] Analysis Process:
[5/5] Submission Instructions:

If you are unable to complete the form, take the time to document and structure your strategy, process, philosophy, performance, and business plans.

[2/2] Money Science Submission Form

Sections: Investment Strategy Analysis Service | [Money Science Submission Form]

Contact Details




Phone Number (include country code)


Work will be completed before an invoice is sent.
Hourly Work: $42/hr
5 Page Report: $300
10 Page Report: $500
Backtest and Exposure Report: $1,200

Philosophy and Process

Describe your investment and/or trading philosophy.

Describe your investment and/or trading process.

Performance and Business

Give an update on your strategy and give details on performance.

Give an update on your business.


Include supporting documents. Accepting strategy presentations, diagrams, strategy details, performance history, and trade files. Send snapshots of key documents.

File 1

File 2

File 3

File 4

File 5


Include any additional details if desired.


By submitting, I hereby confirm that I am the owner of this investment and/or trading strategy.

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