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Advanced Poker Training -- The World's #1 Poker Training Site!

Introduction | Advanced Poker Training holds U.S. Patent #8,152,618, Advancements in Computerised Poker Training and Analysis. The attractive element of ATP’s training system which sets it apart from other commercially available poker training and tracking software is Dynamic Analysis. Their analysis technique examines the user’s long term strengths and weaknesses considering individual actions and the whole picture of a user’s playing pattern. In contrast, Poker Tracking software relies on a user’s ability to make statistical inferences about their actions and their opponents actions in an effort to improve their game. Likewise, Poker Training software is limited in its ability to give the user accurate advice to improve their game.

Product Review | Advanced Poker Training analyses a players actions and gameplay producing a report which contains their RealPokerIQ™ along with other standard performance metrics. Every Sunday users are delivered a weekly training plan which identifies areas where users are making mistakes and estimates the dollar gain from working on their weaknesses. The platform also offers tournaments, a blog, and a forum.

Poker Skills | APT’s patent provides details on their training and analysis system. Each user is scored across various skills, errors, and game factors. For instance, how skilled are they at bluffing, are they appropriately aggressive, did they mistakenly play a hand with poor pot odds. A user is scored across each category and an aggregate score is calculated for each user. In this way, the system identifies how strong a user is and where the user should work to build their poker skills.

Advanced Poker Training -- The quickest path from beginner to world-class player

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